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Uncle Pete's is a family owned and operated business producing a superior, one of a kind authentic Polish gourmet mustard! A child of Polish emigrants, Uncle Pete was born in 1875 in Silver Lake Minnesota. He was known for his excellent mustard making. As fourth generation processors, we are proud to bring this recipe to you.


So here’s how I got my way into the Mustard biz! My father, Tom Dietman brought the company Uncle Pete’s Mustard to you back in 2009. I have been a part of the mustard making process ever since I can remember, mixing, bottling, labeling and selling at shows. After going to school and working construction for a while I found myself wanting to carry on the family tradition. In 2012 My dad accepted a job that he could not pass up so Uncle Pete's was left on hold, I then took over managing the company in 2016. I am proud to be a life long mustard connoisseur, fourth generation mustard processor and the one bringing this one of a kind Minnesota made mustard to your table.

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